Feminist: Wounded vs Divine

It is a game of energies.

In our world nowadays, I see two types of women; The Empowered Feminine, and the Wounded Feminine. One of these type constantly fail with men while the other never fails to succeed with men.

It seems we have Feminism figured out all wrong. Success, Power, Finances, Beauty or Position have no relevance when it comes to the wounded vs the empowered feminine. This is much to do with the buzzing energy dynamics.

When the wounded feminine is triggered, she can be often seen replaying a wound she succumbed during her childhood. She’s either single (not willing to go into a relationship) or currently in a very toxic relationship. She can be constantly seen attracting a wounded masculine from time to time again, either by her actions or by her words. She can be usually seen having crazily high standards, which often stem from her father issues. You just cannot please her with whatever you try to offer to her.

Disappointment and unfulfillment are two feelings that are synonymous for her when it comes to men and dating. Whenever she starts liking a guy – family or outside relationship – anxiety strikes fear inside her and she starts wondering if what they offer is ever going to be enough to her standards.

Most of the time, she feels unsafe, out of control, worried and rejected in relationships. She falter in love instead of growing together. Anger management issues thrive in her life and she can be often seen lashing out on someone of the opposite gender. Worse, she completely shuts down, struggling to speak her truthful feelings. Past traumas come jumping up and a complete lack of trust can be seen from her end due to the hurt she feels from that childhood trauma.

The wounded feminine then develops a tunnel vision when she meets the right ‘Mr Wrong’, and emotionally starts investing too soon and too much.

All this result in her abandoning herself and put all her thought energy on her new love interest. She is desperate to lock the relationship down this time around. Now, she is taking a masculine road. She is now the mode of controlling and pursing – the two traits that repel most masculine men.

You need to go deep root. Think about your parents? What is your father wound? What is your mother wound? What extra baggage is your subconscious carrying?

Most likely – only an observation based on experiences – whatever your parents couldn’t give you, you now seek to have that in your relationships.

When talking about the wounded feminine it is important that no matter what happened in the past, there is always a choice to evolve. There is always a room to evolve into a more refined version of the empowered feminine. With pure commitment and practice, the wounded feminine can easily morph her energy into the more divine, the empowered feminine.

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