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Vitamin C Suspension – 30% in Silicone by @deciem

It is a water-free suspension with light silicone and contains a 30% concentration of Vitamin C. The suspension absorbs within 10-20 seconds, and gives a smooth and non-gritty finish.

It is an effective solution for reducing wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin. It is useful in rejuvenating the skin cells to make your skin feel young and glowing.

For application: just use a small amount and use like a moisturizer. It gives a slight tingling sensation during initial period of use. To minimize the tingling, you can mix it with other moisturizers to help your skin build tolerance. After application, it may leave a bit of a white cast, which is not of much concern.

It is ideally applied at bedtime.
Caution: Don’t forget to use a sunscreen in the morning.

Vitamin C Suspension – 30% in Silicone

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