Travelling With A Baby? Carry These Essentials With You

There comes a time when moms have to travel with their kids. In that situation, their main concern is what to carry with them. They want all those things with them to entertain their child at the airport and on the airplane. If you are a mom and stress about what to take when traveling with a baby, then remember one thing, less is more.

It’s best for both your kids and yourself that you carry essentials only. Your primary focus should be on saving space. To do that, avoid bringing large physical toys. Moreover, kids have a brief attention span; they will play with toys for a few minutes, get bored, and won’t touch them again. Avoid bringing familiar toys because it will be a waste.

Your main aim should be bringing ‘just’ entertainment as these things occupy minimum space. Keep your kids busy with drawing, coloring, watching a cartoon on a laptop, or solving a puzzle. The ‘less is more’ is what all moms should follow strictly. If you bring all the unnecessary stuff, then you won’t have any space for your items. To help out moms, we have made a list of essentials you need to carry when traveling with a baby.

Baby Changing Essentials

The First Cry Parenting tells about all the things moms should carry to help them change their baby. There is no doubt that these things are quite obvious. But we always forget things when we are packing, especially the most obvious ones. The first and foremost thing is diapers. Make sure you have enough diapers and take one for each hour of travel. There are changing stations in airplane bathrooms, but hey, you cannot rely on them. It’s best to have your foldable changing station with you. Moreover, have disposable bags, and last but not least, do not forget to bring hand sanitizers. You can even get hold of alcohol swabs to help you clean it up.

Carry ‘Flat’ Entertainment

Do not carry physical toys with you when traveling with a baby. Those Barbie dolls and toy cars are a big no. These things will add extra weight. Apart from that, your kid might break the toy and make an incredible mess. Instead of massive toys, you should travel like a minimalist. Things like coloring books, mini-puzzles, stickers, papers on which they can draw, and travel games. When onboard, do not take out all the things at once. Do it one by one, so your child is kept entertained throughout the journey.

Bring Lollipops

Lollypops are time consuming snacks.

Lollipops hold immense importance. They serve multiple purposes. Number one, kids love lollipops, and number two, while kids are busy licking the lollipop, you can get some free time. Besides these reasons, one of the most important reasons is that lollipops keep the kids completely distracted. It’s okay, especially when the plane is taking off or landing because that’s the time when there is maximum noise due to the change in pressure. Kids show fewer tantrums when they have candies by their side, so trust me, lollipops are a must. You can opt for healthier lollypop options as well.

Layered Clothing

The best way to dress for the plane is to layer clothes. Many clothes layer quite well, for example, leggings, cotton t-shirts of any type, wool sweaters ( the aptest are cashmere sweaters as they are both warm and thin), and in case if it’s cold or rainy, you can take a lightweight waterproof jacket with you. The idea of layering is pretty simple; it means that you can take off a layer anytime you feel hot or add on a layer when you feel cold. Additionally, this will help you remain comfortable with your baby on a plane.

Snacks, Snacks!

You have to agree that kids are hungry all the time, so if you are a mom, make sure you carry snacks every time you travel. Now you might be wondering how many snacks to have? Well, that depends on the total duration of your flight. The best snacks to bring are the fruits that won’t create much mess, such as grapes, apples, or pears. These fruits don’t need to be peeled off hence creating little to no mess. To control your kids at their hunger level, make sure you have sandwiches, cookies, candies, and juices.

Tablets and Headphones

If your kids are hyperactive, tablets are ideal for them. Before leaving for the flight, you can download kid-friendly games, TV shows, and cartoons. This way, you can keep your kids preoccupied for at least one to two hours, they’ll be busy watching a TV show, and meanwhile, you can have some rest. Moreover, for babies, it’s best if you have Learn Smart Stages and Fisher-Price Laugh. Otherwise, iPad mini, Kindle for Kids Bundle, or any other kids’ friendly tablet is perfect. Don’t forget to take headphones with you. It’s okay if you pack headphones without any wires, they’ll be easy to manage by your kids.

Milk and Formula

Baby milk and formula on plane

There was a time when airlines had a specific limit to how much breast milk you can carry along. However, things have changed; now, you can carry as much breast milk and formula as you want, of course, depending on how long your flight lasts. And the best part is that formula and breast milk can go smoothly through security. But make sure you keep the formula and breast milk apart from other items, so they are ready to go through a separate x-ray machine.


Just like tablets, books also are a great way of entertainment. Books are relatively easy to carry around as they are light in weight and relatively flat. Illustrated books are best if your kids are under five. It’s apt to pack some good children’s books or the books you can read to them for the older kids.

Safety Seats

Most of the airlines don’t charge the baby if he or she is kept on your lap. That’s a horrible idea. You save the money, but it can be a real pain during hard landings and turbulence. By any chance, if you lose the grip of the baby, everything can go wrong for you. The ideal way to buckle up a baby is to bring a car seat with you. If the seat next to you is free, you can buckle up your baby there. However, if the flight is packed, then you might not find an open seat, so it’s recommended that you always buy a seat for your baby. 

Carry Workbooks and Crayons

As already mentioned, you should carry coloring books with you, but along with them, you should also have workbooks. As compared to just papers, workbooks are much better as they won’t fly around and create a mess. So as you are bringing several paper products with you, don’t forget to carry color pencils, crayons, and pens. For that matter of fact, twistable crayons are better than ordinary ones as they don’t need sharpening. Regular crayons require sharpening, thus resulting in a mess.

Moisturizer For Skin Hydration

The cabins’ pressure and the dry air in the planes can leave your skin dry and dull, so to look fresh and healthy, moms should always carry a moisturizer with them. Along with their favorite makeup products, it’s good to bring a good moisturizer as well. Moisturizers work wonders for dry skin. They hydrate it and eliminate the fine lines. All in all, it helps in giving a youthful look. Not all the things in your bag should be for the kids. Your appearance also matters. Oh and since you are keeping a moisturizer, you should also keep one for your kid(s).

Sleep Mask and Silk Pillow

Moms often get exhausted on a long flight, and the reason for sure is kids. The best time to take a nap is when your kids go to sleep. Utilize this time to give yourself a power nap. For a comfortable rest, a neck pillow is a must. It’s suitable to carry a silk sleep mask and pillow as cotton can get a little irritating. Silk has many benefits; it helps your skin stay moisturized and minimizes split ends.

Pajamas To The Rescue

You must have an extra pair of pajamas for your baby. As compared to any other clothes, pajamas are way more comfortable. Plus, most pajamas have footies, which means your toddler or baby will remain warm; as you all know, airplanes are freezing due to the air conditioner. Apart from that, if your kid is wearing a pajama, it gets much more comfortable to change the diapers as all you have to do is unzip the pajamas. In case the child gets messy due to splitting or eating, it is advisable to have a spare pair.

Happy Travelling!

What essentials do you carry when you travel? Lets help all the mothers and enable them to travel without the fear of messing up with their kids!

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