Products I Love

I am a wife and I love using different products related to beauty, make up, household chores, cleaning, cooking, technology, skincare, clothing, and you name it.

I am not a brand freak, but I don’t mind going for brands, specially when it comes to Skincare! I am quite choosy when it comes to using products and make sure that I complete my research and do my homework before making a final decision. You can imagine this from the fact that I took 7 years to decide on marrying my best friend.

7 din saal, aur larka in.

Wife Meets World Interpretation of Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue from Kal Ho Naa Ho

From time to time, I’ll be posting about the products that I have personally used and I am satisfied about using them. I am not going to endorse any product and neither have I ever been approached by any brand to endorse their products – because that is not how I work.

Before I start off sharing my favorite products, here are a few disclaimers:

  • I may post affiliate links on the products and those affiliate links will help me earn a commission each time someone is going to make a purchase by clicking on links on my website
  • All products that are going to be share have been personally used by me or I am currently using them. I do not use products for the sake of making BS videos and reviews.
  • I am going to be brutally honest about all the products. So my apologies if you don’t like what I write.
  • For skincare and beauty products
    • Everyone’s skin type is different and you need to be careful about what suits you and what does not.
    • Never put anything directly on your face. NEVER.