Hello and welcome to Wife Meets World! I am a wife who fell in love with everyday life, the people that I surround myself with and the places that I visit the most (Yes, I love going to supermarkets!). I am in love with everyday creativity and everything that happens in between life, fashion, travel, and religion. I am here to share all of that with you guys.

A little about myself.
I’m 28 years old, married and live in Pakistan. I married my best friend that I knew from 7 years. He is helping around with the blog and we are trying to work our way out of our boring daily routine of 9 to 5. We enjoy spending life together and do not engage in Netflix or binge watching. We love doing grocery shopping and have our differences – that we both admire and love.

I’m passionate about many things, but lack consistency in a lot of them and thus you may see posts here and there, but they will take time. This website is about working on my passion and living out of my shell. I’ll be sharing some real life tips about marriage, relationships, health, and travel. I will also be sharing about Makeup, hair, clothes, and everything related to the life of a wife. You name it and it will probably be on here.

Now that’s enough about me! I hope you enjoy it here and find something useful for your life.